This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is no longer supported! I do not recommend using it.

For end users:

This module provides two mini modules, which enable the skipping of all validation routines, including required fields, when deleting nodes and users from node and user forms respectively.

For node forms, required fields are also skipped when previewing.

For Developers:

This module provides three new FAPI options for submit buttons:

  • #skip_validation - Skips all validations, core (#required, #maxlength, and #options checking), and all #element_validate and #validate callbacks.
  • #skip_core_validation - Skips only the #required, $maxlength and #options checking.
  • #skip_required_validation - Skips only the #required validations.

NOTE: I do not guarantee the sanctity of data when these options are placed on buttons that trigger data saving actions. Use at your own peril. Module maintainers typically make fields required for a reason, and validation callbacks can sometimes alter data to be saved. Not allowing these routines to run on save actions can cause unforeseen errors, and I will not be able to offer support for these issues.

Whilst there are use cases for using this module, it is very black and white. This module does not allow you choose some fields to be skipped, and others not. Use with care, and be sure it is really what you want, and test thoroughly.

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