This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

About Skeleton Outlines

The Skeleton module works with the core Book module to create pre-configured outlines that can be reused. Those outlines can include any node type, including those defined by CCK.

After creating a skeleton and assigning templates to it, users with the proper permission will be able to create new books that clone the outline and content of the skeleton.

The original use-case of this module is for publishing on an intranet site, where it is important to create the same information structure repeatedly. The skeleton module is designed to make this repetitive task easy to perform -- especially for non-technical site administrators.

The Skeleton module integrates with Node Access module to allow preset access rules to new book pages.

Individuals interested in helping to maintain Skeleton Outlines are always welcome.

Note: The Node Template module does much of what Skeleton does. The two modules differ in the interface and data management.

Drupal 6 Status

The current release is dependent on patches from two core issues: #364529: menu_tree_all_data() static cache can become stale and #360377: book_get_books() cache becomes stale when batch-inserting book pages. You must apply the latest Drupal 6 patches from those issues for this module to work. For information about patching, please see the patch documentation. If you are interested in using this module on Drupal 6 then please help test and review those issues so a stable version of this module can be released.

For more information, see the README included with the module.

For information about sponsoring development of this module, please contact Andrew Berry.

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