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Example of how to use a deployment module to automate incremental deployments for your Drupal site.

A lot of Drupal work involves configuring modules, updating settings etc (aka site building). If you have a local site and a live site, any changes you make locally need to be replicated on live. That is a lot of double handling. It is worse of you have multiple sites in your pipeline, such as dev, qa, staging, live. Features can take care of some of it, but not all. A Site Deployment module allows you to script all updates and eliminate manual changes.

Why use a Site Deployment module?

  • You don't have to point and click configure updates on each site in your pipeline for each release
  • Saves time
  • Reduces risk of human error
  • Makes it much easier to test releases
  • When working in a team environment, team members just need to do a git pull and then Drupal update to get all updates. No more sharing databases or manual updates

More information

For more information on how and why you want to do this, check out the blog post on BeFused:

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