This module simplifies the core Menu and Shortcut modules by merging the "List links" and "Edit menu" operations into a single administration page.

If you've ever accidentally clicked "Edit menu" hoping to edit the most important part of a menu (its links) but then found that all you could do from that page was edit the menu's name and description instead, this module is for you. What it does for the time being is get rid of the "List links" terminology altogether and consolidate everything under the "Edit menu" page, where most people will naturally look for it.

This module was originally contributed by Acquia as part of the Drupal Gardens project and was maintained by the Acquia design and engineering teams.


Hopefully, the usability issue that this module deals with can be fixed in Drupal 8 core, so this module won't be necessary for Drupal 8! The main issue for that is #663946: Merge "List links" page into "Edit menu" page, which made it into Drupal 8 and accomplished most of what this module does (although not all of it).

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