Version *.x-2.x

Subscriptions are now entities, they are stored and manageable via an administration interface.
It's has been rewritten from the 7.x-1.x branch with new features:

  • CSV export feature
  • Views integration
  • More to come, just ask

Version *.x-1.x

The simple_subscription block is composed of one text field (validated as an email adress) and a submit button. In the block administration page you can configure :

  • A block header and a block footer (plain text or html)
  • The text field label
  • The initial contents of the field (visible only when the field is empty and blurred)
  • The submit button value
  • The success message to display when the field is validated
  • The Drupal URL to redirect the user to on successful validation.

This module integrates with the core trigger system and the default email action, so you can send the form contents by email.

The module also integrates nicely with the Token module:

  • You can use global tokens in most of the configuration fields
  • Simple_subscription defines a token with the form result and you can use the more advanced tokenized email action to send the form results.

Featurewise, this 1.0 version adds nothing new to the Drupal galaxy. You can already do all this using Webform and Node As Block. For a feature rich newsletter management tool, Simplenews is probably the way to go. This module is addressed to small projects, where Webform or Simplenews can really be overkill.
Simple_subscription aims for simplicity and should work out of the box to do what it is supposed to with minimum hassle, nothing more, nothing less.

Simple_subscription also exposes a hook (hook_simple_subscription) so that more advanced users can catch the submitted form results and perform custom operations like adding them to a database, etc.

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