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Simplified Fields UI

What is Simple Field?

The Simple Field module provides a simplified UI for creating Fields. The primary goal is to make it easier to allow non-powerusers to administer fields without necessarily giving them access to the entire core Field interface. Simple Field also allows for more fine-grained control of what types of fields users may create, and what field settings they have access to.

The module can separate the process of field creation from the process of field instance creation. This allows admins to create pre-defined fields, and then allow other users to add the fields to entity types without the complex UI usually associated with adding field instances.

Simple Field simplifies the Field UI by making use of default Field settings, overriding defaults in code and only allowing modification of specific field settings. To accomplish this, Simple Field defines it's own 'types' that encompass both field type and widget type settings, and any custom types must define forms for editing values they wish to override. For information on creating new types, among other things, take a look at the documentation.


  • Submodule for defining new Simple Field types in the UI


This module is not related the the Simple Field Formatter module.


  • Entity
  • Ctools (for Simple Field Modal submodule)
  • Drupal >= 7.12 or this patch.


Documentation can be found here


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