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Example of a simple wall post


Facebook now provides a stand alone send button, which does something similar to this module. This module posts Drupal content to a wall, but the stand alone send button sends a page to a friend or a group.


Sometimes you just want to post to a Facebook wall, without having to go through the hassle of building a Facebook app for such a simple use case. The solution is easy:

  1. Enable this module
  2. Print the Facebook post form
  3. Pass your message data into the post form

Everywhere you print this module's post form, a little share button will appear. When clicked, a modal dialog will overlay the screen (styled to look like a Facebook dialog) prompting the user to login to Facebook (if they are already logged in, then they can go immediately to posting).


  • Post anything: messages, images, links, and actions
  • Handles Facebook login and authentication
  • Requires only the application ID (no API key, secret key, or extended permissions)
  • Uses the new Graph API and JavaScript SDK (most FB modules for Drupal use the deprecated API)
  • Minimizes the number of pop up windows (only 1 for authentication)
  • Allows users to post to their wall without a page refresh



  • Nothing prevents a user from posting multiple times
  • Facebook only allows you to post a single action
  • Even though this module provides a form, it's submission is
    intercepted by the javascript. Therefore, there is not presently
    a way to respond to a wall post via the Form API.


See the module documentation.


Maintained by FilmKnurd. Special thanks to Lobo235 for the JavaScript and to silverfly for the CSS.

This module is sponsored by Astonish Designs

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