This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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A Simple cache module that works for Anonymous & Authenticated users.

Stores the HTML of the whole page in cache table and serves it after Drupal core functions are executed, not requiring to process theme functions and thus saving time.

Pages are cached by URL & user role.

XHProf Callgraph of functions called
before cache: before_callgraph.png
after cache: after_callgraph.png


  1. All code that does things like setting sessions($_SESSION) will work, for example: quiz module.
  2. easy to install & configure.
  3. can work along with other caching modules(example: exclude node/*/take pages in boost and use simple_cache for those pages)
  4. will cause no harm if you know what you are getting.(cached page source code is same for users of that role, irrespective of page logic)

Use cases:

  1. For pages which can't be cached by any other means because of sessions, or drupal_page_is_cacheable() is FALSE.
  2. If the page logic has to be executed and the page view doesn't depend on that logic.(example: Quiz module)


  1. Page include/exclude (default: exclude admin/*)
  2. compress HTML
  3. stop theme functions
  4. expire cache
  5. only bootstrap what is required
  6. change module weight accordingly
  7. test dynamic content with Ajax blocks
  8. debug mode: drupal_set_title
  9. include/exclude per user role
  10. cache per user role
  11. handle 404 & 403 errors
  12. bypass unnecessary modules & hooks [cache_set('hook_info'); cache_set('bootstrap_modules')]
  13. ignore ?destination parameter
  14. developer API function to clear cache
  15. memcache documentation. debugging. database cache tables are empty with memcache.
  16. Button on the configuration form to clear Cache.

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