A very simple Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) integration module. The module is using Display Mode to control what you want to show on your AMP pages or just control it in the template by rendering Entity object the way you need. AMP can be also disabled for individual nodes on the node add/edit page.


Module requires composer require lullabot/amp https://github.com/Lullabot/amp-library

How to Use

  • Create new Display Mode for your entity that will support AMP. New View modes can be created via /admin/structure/display-modes/view.
  • Enable newly created View mode on entity Manage Display page. Example path: /admin/structure/types/manage/article/display
  • Open Simple AMP Settings page and enable entity type that supports AMP and choose Display Mode for it. /admin/config/services/simple-amp.
  • Enable Access AMP pages permission.
  • Hit Save configuration and you're all set.


Easy to extend and alter AMP templates per content type: amp--[ENTITY_TYPE].html.twig or amp--[ENTITY_TYPE]--[BUNDLE].html.twig

Read blog post about this module: How to implement simple AMP support in Drupal 8

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