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Simple access Settings

This module allows administrators to make some nodes private and/or editable by certain user roles.

After testing out most of Drupal's node-access modules, I found myself frustrated with their tendency toward confusing user interfaces, defaulting to hiding all nodes, or allowing me to inadvertently make nodes editable or deletable by non-administrators.

Simple Access is an attempt to solve these problems. This module can manage viewability, editability, and/or deletability and provides an easy way to make nodes accessible by only a group (or groups) of users. It is perfectly suited for making private nodes that are only viewable to certain 'access groups'.

Access groups are based on roles. So for example, my site has roles entitled "Coach Level 1", "Coach Level 2", and "Coach Level 3". I can create an access group called "Coaches" and assign all of these roles to it. Then when I assign a node to be viewable only by "Coaches", only users who are a member of these roles will be able to view.

Nodes that are not assigned to any access groups will remain viewable by all users, so all nodes will remain viewable when activating this module. And nodes only become private when they are assigned to an access group. The end result is that this module can be enabled for a site with existing nodes without making them all invisible.

Release of v2.x - TODO

  • Fix up auto expanding of "Access" fieldset on the node add/edit page
  • Write tests to check access to nodes.
  • Change all INSERT/UPDATE's to use the new drupal_write_record() (6.x)
  • Move all the admin pages out to inc/ (6.x)


If anyone has any ideas for tests for simple access please post them as feature requests. If anyone wants to help please write up some tests and submit them.

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