This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Signup Node Spawn allows you to automate the copy-based creation of new signup nodes based on existing nodes. If you turn spawning on for a signup node, when signups close, a new copy of the node will be created, including the spawn settings. Spawning will be turned off on the original. This allows for continuous ongoing creation of signup nodes when seating limits close. You can turn off spawning at any time.

Background: This functionality was created for a Drupal platform that uses Signup to manage access to online courses with limitations on the number of students they seat. Signup Node Spawn allows us to automatically close and open new copies of courses when the limits are met. The module has been created with the potential for other applications, however. Please let us know how you use it.

Install the module as usual, see for further information.

Note this, from the Signup module:
Signups close in 3 main cases: (1) it is a time-based node and the close-in-advance time has been reached (auto-close via cron); (2) the node has a signup limit and the limit is reached; (3) a signup administrator
manually closes signups.

Spawning is only recommended with signups that close due to seat limits being met (2). To avoid runaway spawns, ensure any CCK dates integrated with Signup on this node (1) are left blank. If you are manually closing signups on a node (3), you'll want to ensure that spawning is turned off prior to doing so, unless you
want to spawn a new node automatically.

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