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When creating or editing a page, this module enables content to be added to a side bar block.

The content will only be seen when viewing the page (node) that it's been added to.

This works on any kind of page - book, blog, forum...

The block on each page can have it's own title.

The text is searchable, and can be in a variety of formats (depending on filter permissions).

The block created can have a title, or no title - whichever you prefer.

Various options available for how it's fields are included on edit page forms.

Print Friendly Pages module integration, option to not show sidecontent on print pages


With this module you can add different content to a block on each page, but in the block administration page it will show up as only one block. If you tried to do this using the existing block mechanism the blocks administration page would become difficult to use.

You can give a user permision to create sidecontent block content without needing to give permision to manage blocks - so they will not be able to access the block administration page or change any of the other blocks o your site.

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