Shortcodes are actually macros to be used in the text of contents. These macros change the text of the content and format the given part through the theme engine. This module defines few basic shortcodes only. (New ones will come.)

Shortcode is an API that handles the shortcode macros for text formats. You can add your own shortcode tags via this API. All tags are themeable and new tags can be provided by other modules.

Initial work is based on the Wordpress Shortcode API but was reworked for Drupal. You can nest tags (within same tags too), no need for special recursion handling.

Macros come with this module

Shortcode basic tags module

  • [quote] Replace the given text formatted like as a quote.
  • [img] Show an image.
  • [highlight] Insert a span with highlight css class around the text.
  • [button] Insert a link formatted like as a button.
  • [dropcap] Replace the given text formatted like as a dropcap.
  • [item] Insert div or span around the text with some css classes.'
  • [clear] Insert a float-clearing div for a proper layout.
  • [link] Makes an aliased link to the given path.

Shortcode modules


* separate macros module from the API
* remove input filter dependency - push this functionality to a separate module
* tests
* D8 version - The planned release date of the beta version is 4. Jan 2016.

Docs, tutorials

* Nice tutorial by Ivan Zugec: How to Use WordPress Style Shortcodes in Drupal 7
* Boost your WYSIWYG with Shortcode module by salva.


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* Since 7.x-2.21 the Shortcode Video module moved to a separated project.
* Since 7.x-2.1 the Shortcode for wysiwyg module moved to a separated project.

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