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Shopatron offers hosted e-commerce services for manufacturers desiring to sell their products straight to their customers without cutting out their existing distribution/retail network. This module currently integrates Shopatron's XML Online Order Processing Tool (XOOPT) which enables the following workflow:

  1. Customers browse your product catalog on your site and add products to a shopping cart.
  2. When they're ready to checkout, you submit their product information to Shopatron.
  3. Upon validation you receive an order ID you use to redirect customers to Shopatron to checkout.
  4. Checkout and payment are handled at Shopatron, and your retailers can view the incoming orders for fulfillment.

If there is an error in the request, the customer is redirected to a simple form they use to provide their contact information. The customer's contact information and product details are e-mailed to Shopatron (and optionally a store administrator e-mail) for follow-up and manual conversion. Basically, Shopatron will do whatever it takes to assist you in converting the sale.

The module currently provides Ubercart integration with the XOOPT, so customers who browse to the Ubercart checkout form will be redirected to Shopatron for checkout.

The current integration with the XOOPT does not support their product options parameters, promotions, discounts, or any of their extra parameters. If you require support for additional features, you may submit a patch for review.

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