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This module provides share widgets (Share Messages), based on various share services listed below. It can be used as a block and provides a settings page where the share widget is highly configurable. Also the shared values are nicely configurable on the UI and tokens are supported for used values, making the shared values flexible and dynamic.

Specific Share Messages can push your social media conversion significantly and help you make a campaign viral. This module will also help you reduce custom code for highly custom/individual share message optimization. Now your social media expert user can edit the Share Messages and improve them over time based on statistical feedback.

You can use an entity reference to attach a Share Message to any entity / page you want.

With a provided Share Message demo module, you can see how to configure all available services properly and start using them straight away.

Share services

  • AddThis - one of the most popular social tools on the Web
  • Sharrre - a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (with PHP script) and more.
  • OG Headers - provides OG headers only


  • Add as many Share Message as you want without writing one line of markup or code
  • Manage used sharing widgets and shared texts, images etc. on a UI
  • Add different sharing widgets for every Share Message
  • Control the display of your Share Messages using the block system
  • Enforce a certain Share Message on a given page by query string
  • Export and Import your Share Messages

Known issues

See the issue queue for known bugs.


Drupal 7

in Drupal 7, the module only integrates with the Addthis service and has no services pluggability.

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Initiation, Architecture, Implementation, Maintenance

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