drush make media && make trouble

A set of modules for migrating all content from an sf-active site into a Drupal 7 site. Requires the migrate and features modules.

Articles, comments, features, events, categories and users are migrated. This includes attached files on articles, comments and events and attached images on features. Attached text files are migrated to the database where they can be searched. User passwords still work (on first login they will be re-hashed w/ SHA-512 + salt for better security). After migration, requests for legacy URLs are redirected to the new URL.

The migration can be run either from Migrate UI or via Drush after setting some variables. The first two (sf-active database name and file directory path containing the uploads and images directories) are required:

drush vset sfactive_migrate_database sfactive
drush vset sfactive_migrate_files /var/www/sfactive/website
drush vset sfactive_migrate_encoding Windows-1252
drush vset sfactive_migrate_timezone America/Los_Angeles
drush mi --all

This project was also mirrored on gitorious at https://gitorious.org/sf-active/drupal

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