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The Salesforce Webform Integration module extends the Salesforce API to allow mapping between Webform submissions and Salesforce objects.

  • Create fieldmaps based on user's login status - either export all user submissions, authenticated submissions only or anonymous submissions only.
  • Manual export of submissions either individually or in batch at node/NID/webform_salesforce
  • Export submissions using cron



  • Please see the installation and usage instructions provided by the Salesforce API module for information on setting up and configuring the PHPToolkit and fieldmaps required to export data to Salesforce.
  • When creating a new fieldmap to export webform submission select 'Webform node' from the 'Drupal object' dropdown and select the corresponding Salesforce object that the submission will be mapped to from the 'Salesforce object' dropdown.
  • On the subsequent 'Select webform node' page choose the webform you would like to export to Salesforce and choose the 'User login status' when the fieldmap should be used.
  • Export options can be configured at "admin/settings/salesforce"
  • To view webform submissions that have not yet been submitted to salesforce go to node/NID/webform_salesforce

Roadmap for development:

Please post any feature requests, questions or bugs to the issues queue.

Module development sponsored by Homemade Digital and Annertech.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored development of the module.

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