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The services client module answers that age old question: how do I arbitrarily interface with the services module without having to build a new module from the ground up?

Well, the answer is finally here. Services client is designed to sit on a site and listen for events (currently node save/update and user save/update. It will then push that data up to a Drupal website running services.

It's primary use-case is to synchronize data between two Drupal sites (using UUIDs). It supports re-mapping the data as well as putting content from content type A on the client site to type B on the server site.

The module has a ways to go insofar as making it less specific to the needs it was originally created for, but it is an excellent way to get started with the services module.

Update on Oct 26

Latest updates to break apart server communication functionality from core module files is live, as well as drush commands and api info.

Also, services_client now requires the services_raw module which is bundled as a submodule. If you had services_raw previously from Martin's sandbox you will need to update your site to use the one now bundled.

Only tested with UUID module Alpha 1

All of our initial work was done on UUID Alpha 1, and as such we have bundled our own 'Services UUID' module that works with UUID Alpha 1. We are working on an upgrade path to Alpha 3.

Note: Under heavy development

We will be updating, modifying and increasing the functionality of this module A LOT. We can't guarantee an upgrade path, though the current version is stable and in use.


1. Build out ability to communicate with servers running services 2.x (currently supports just 0.92 and 3.x)
2. Abstract the API and make it usable without enabling sync and admin
3. Separate sync and admin functionality
4. Build in a 'call tester'
5. Add in support for servers beyond REST
6. Add in support for auth types beyond session

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