This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Sermons project is a way to provide a sermon structure for your Drupal church website. It includes a number of ways to explore your churches sermons and allows your shut-ins and traveling attenders to stay in touch with the sermons.

Your sermons may have images, notes and sermon series tracked on them. You may choose not to use these options and they may simply not be used when creating the them for your website or marked as exclude on the Content Type display page.

A number of modules are required including CCK, Views, FFPC, FileField, ImageField, ImageCache, SWFTools. You will also need to install the one-pixel flash media player. Documentation on this may be found in the Adding support for media players of the SWFTools installation documentation.

This code is built for use with the Drupal Feature module. Consequently, that module must be installed and you will enable this feature according to the documentation. There is also a relevant screencast of Features called Making and Using Features in Drupal.

Compatibility Note: SWF Tools version 2 is required. SWF Tools version 3 is not currently supported. I hope to see this change in the future. A patch will be gladly accepted.

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