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Just a simple way to add previous/next node links to a node content. Actual when displaying full node content.


Adds two links to the previous and next node of the same type and status. These links are added as a field to the node content so it could be hidden or displayed in a different way in various node displays.
Nodes are ordered in the following way: preferrable field, creation date.


v 7.x-1.0-rc1
Preferrable field is "sticky"

v 7.x-1.0
Preferrable field is chosen on the administration page.
'administer node sequences' permission appeared

v 7.x-1.1
Fixed bugs concerning performance problems

v 7.x-1.2
Added the ability to provide a link to the front page or to the top of the current page.
It should be placed between previous and next node links
Important notice concerns theming:
prev-next-link.tpl.php contains new code, please mind it when reimplementing the theme

v 7.x-1.3
Performance boost:
Perform nodes selection only when the field is not hidden in the particular display
When "Link to the top of the current page" is selected for the middle link,
the speed to scroll to the top can be now chosen


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