It's a CTools style plugin that gives you full control over the HTML output of Panels panes.

With it you can individually add/remove the:

  • HTML element
  • Classes
  • Other attributes

On the pane title, pane content, and pane wrapper.


MiSc did a screencast showing how to use this module.

Add more HTML elements

Fences module elements (Recommended)

  • Enable the Fences module to make the same elements that you get with Fences also available in Semantic Panels Styles.
  • Elements that are added by implementing hook_fences_suggestion_info() will be available in Semantic Panels Styles aswell.

Views module elements

  • If you don't have Fences enabled Semantic Panels will use the same list of HTML elements as Views. So to add your own elements you can add them to the views_field_rewrite_elements variable. You can of course set the variable without enabling the views module.


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