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FAPI Selector Element: jQuery Sortable Selector


This is an extension module for Drupal Forms API that provides jQueryUI linked sortable element as a Forms API element. This element is a multi-selectbox "killer". You would probably want to use it instead of select-box with "#multiple", in many cases, because:

  1. It looks so much cooler.
  2. This element provides sorting capabilities that select-box does not.


This is how you would use the new element in your form code:

  $form['country_selector'] = array(
    '#title' => t('Select Countries'),
    '#type' => 'jquery_selector',
    '#description' => t('Some description here'),
    '#options' => array(
      '#enabled' => array('one'=>'one', 'two'=>'two', 'three'=>'three'),
      '#disabled' => array('four'=>'four', 'five'=>'five', 'six'=>'six'),
   '#default_value' => array('one'=>'one', 'two'=>'two', 'three'=>'three', 'four'=>'four', 'five'=>'five', 'six'=>'six'),

#default_value is used when #options itself or both #enabled and #disabled arrays, in it, are empty. In such case, #disabled array is filled with #default_value and #enabled is set to empty array (Starting position).


Please make sure that the '#enabled' and '#disabled' arrays are associative arrays with distinct keys! If this condition is not met, proper functioning of the form element can not be guaranteed.


Developed by: Picktek LLC
Special thanks to: Irakli Nadareishvili for the idea and invaluable suggestions during development.

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