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Scripts is a module that allows you to run cmd line, php scripts or both in different ways. You can set a PHP script that will run on every page load, cron runs or by accessing a menu callback for that script.

Scripts can be used to automate backup, svn updates or anything else in an easy automated way. It also provides an API for modules to extend its functionality. Checkout the readme file for more details.

Drupal 6

Please consider donating to further the development of this module. Sponsorship is also an option, contact O-Minds if you're interested in sponsoring this module.

Maintainer: Waleed Qadi from O-Minds.

O-Minds can be contacted for Drupal services via the contact form on our website.

Drupal 7

Drupal 7 branch is an upgrade of Drupal 6 version.

Supporting organizations: 
developed the Drupal 7 branch.

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