#D7CX: I pledge that School Administration will have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is released.

This module can be used for any kind of school which want to keep records of all students and staff and give user account to each person. With inner modules, it will be complete school administration system.

First step of administrating a school is administering registration of students, teachers and non-academic staff. This is a base module of school administration system, and it is responsible from keeping data of people. You can browse registered people, add portrait photos, and withdraw persons from the system.
The module has own user registering system with altering default Drupal user ID. You can arrange ID of user according to user groups via settings page.
The module has parenting system. One or more students can be assigned to one or more parents and parents can see information of their kids.

This module contains some other inner modules to create a complete school administration system.

Inner Modules:

Classes and Lessons: It is designed to arrange classes for students and lessons and teachers for classes. You can keep and view detailed information for classes including homeroom teacher system and you can assign one or more class to each students. The most important part of this module is matching teacher-class-lesson. You can organize which teacher is teaching which lesson to a class.

Class Lists: It can be used to prepare class lists with extended information of students.

Room Booking: It can be used for booking common rooms at a school to organize usage of the room by teachers or administrators. Administrator can schedule a room for a session in a week day, and other users who has permission, can book a room for a session which is not scheduled.

Attendance: It can be used to track session based attendance records of students.

Some future planing additional modules:
grading, student_marks, school_id_card, grade_book, accounting_students, librarian (it will be part of separate library system with library module), accounting_staff, accounting_statistics, exam_stats, school_transcript, sitting_plans, discipline, medical_records, clubs, auto_sms_messaging, term_comments ...

There is a plan for full integration with gradebook, quiz and organic groups modules.

A school is using it on its local network while developing it.

Project information