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Save & Edit Settings Page

Save & Edit is a module that provides a very simple, yet welcome function to node editing pages.

The module simply adds a button titled "Save & Edit" on node types selected in the admin section. Using this extra button when saving a node will simply redirect back to the edit form rather than returning to the node page, or the /admin/content/node page.

I've felt like this was needed more than once, and as simple as the module is, provides a very much needed feature to core node editing. I find myself frequently creating long, drawn out nodes where I have the need to save the node regularly to avoid losing changes/edits, and then it takes an additional click to get back to the edit form to continue.


  • Creates a "Save & Edit" button on node pages.
  • Allows you to choose what node types to use the feature on.
  • Allows you to customize the text for "Save & Edit", "Save & Publish", AND the default Drupal node "Save" button to whatever you like
  • Allows you to choose to use the Auto-Unpublish feature, which will mark nodes as unpublished when you use the Save & Edit button. This can either be turned off, used on ALL nodes/clicks of the Save & Edit button, or can also be only used on NEW nodes. This was a much needed addition.
  • For ANY unpublished nodes, a new "Publish" button will allow you to quickly Save & Publish a node that was previously marked unpublished. This feature will be hidden on published nodes, and new nodes with the "Published" option checked by default.
  • Allows to hide each of the default "Save", "Preview" and "Delete" buttons


Developed and maintained by Jake Strawn, co-maintainer : Guilhem Hachet



  • Enable the Module
  • Grant permissions at admin/user/permissions
  • Adjust settings at admin/settings/save-edit
    • Select Node Types
    • Customize Default Button Text
    • Choose to use the Auto-Unpublish feature on ALL or NEW nodes. Or leave both disabled.
  • Add or Edit a node
  • Enjoy!

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