This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Modifies the Search box on a site to display with rounded corners. The Search box is rendered like this in all browsers, in the style that Safari uses for search boxes. This module does not rely on the Safari browser for its functionality.

July 2012: babbage has been added as a maintainer, and has completed an initial Drupal 7 port. As the search box itself has changed in Drupal 7, the code used by the module to target the search box for modification has also changed. It appears to be working, and is only "beta" until sufficient testing has demonstrated that it always works. There is no reason to expect instability in the code of this simple module; if it looks like it is working for your site, it's working. Simple as that. :) Let me know in the issue queue if it works for your new Drupal 7 site/upgrade from Drupal 6: #1696620: Upgrade Safari Search to Drupal 7

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