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Disclaimer: This module has not been reviewed by any religious organization. No endorsement of its use for religious purposes is implied.

The time that the sabbath begins and ends changes throughout the year because, historically, a full day began at sunset. The Sabbath module provides the sabbath start and end times for any week and any latitude, longitude, and time zone.

It provides two API functions:

  1. sabbath_time($latitude, $longitude, $timezone = NULL, $time = NULL, $future = 'time')

    This returns an object containing the sabbath start and end timestamps, the time zone offset for each, and the beginning of the next week. $future can be set to 'day' or 'time' and specifies whether to show the sabbath that ends after the given time or after the day in which the time occurs.

  2. sabbath_now($latitude, $longitude, $timezone = NULL, $time = NULL)

    This returns a boolean value which tells whether the given time falls within the sabbath.

The Sabbath module also provides a block for displaying the local sabbath start and end times for the current week.

Requirements: PHP 5 or above

Currently, we can only calculate sabbath sunset times. Contributions of other calculations are welcome. See the Almanac project for more general astronomical calculations. If anyone knows of a project which allows plugins to be written to convert dates and times in different calendars and epochs to and from timestamps, let me know.

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