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This module integrates two of the most powerful Drupal modules: Views and Rules.

It allows your rules to execute a view, and your views to execute rules.

Two sides of the coin

This module provides two major pieces of functionality:

  1. Execution of views from a rule. The rendered results of this view can then be used later to pop in an email or add to a comment, etc.
  2. Execution of rules by rendering a view - Via a new display type for views: 'Rules Executor', instead of rendering the results of the view into HTML we render the results 'into' the Rules module. You can specify a rule set to render each row into, and use the fields from the view to specify the arguments for the rule set.

This gives an incredible amount of flexibility and power, with this module you can do things such as:

  • Automatically close issue tracker cases after two weeks of inactivity.
  • Email users a digest of their new content every week.
  • Disable comments on content over 2 weeks old.


Drupal 7

You should use the Views Rules module instead.

Project information

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