This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The "Roll out" module is intended to be used on multisite setups. It makes the process of installing modules across all sites in a multisite setup much easier.

The "Roll out" module comes in two parts, a server, and a client.

  • The client should be installed on just one of the sites within a multisite configuration (this should probably be the 'default' site).
  • The server should be installed on any sites that you would like to have the same modules as the client site.

Once you have the client installed on a single site, and the server installed on the other sites, you can change the modules on all the sites at once. The "Roll out" admin page is identical in appearance to the "system modules" page (it's built from the same form), so should be familiar to all Drupal administrators. To install/uninstall a module, the process is identical to installing/uninstalling a module for a single site.

Development of this module was carried out by Simon Rycroft and funded in part by the EDIT project

Development of the Roll out module has ceased, I'd recommend the use of Drush and its associated modules.


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