Role Weights allows site admins to specify certain weights for user roles. Its not much use on its own, but more of a helper module for other modules requiring this functionality, such as Path Access.

Role Weights also provides Tokens and some Views support: views are able to access, display or sort by the node author's role weight. Views support is currently limited and not without problems: check #419846: Improve Views support for details.

Thanks to for supporting the update to Drupal 6.x. Those interested in helping update this module to 7.x should help test the current 7.x-1.x-dev version and/or check the issue queue to see what needs doing (hint: Views support).

Drupal 6.x

Check the README.txt file for some more information, and a cautionary note.


First up, grab the latest official release of Role Weights appropriate for your version of Drupal (see releases below for downloads).

  1. Upload the role_weights directory to your modules directory.
  2. Enable the module under Administer -> Site building -> Modules.
  3. Visit Administer -> User management -> Roles and choose the 'edit' link next to a role to change a role's weight.


Once installed and role weights set, modules can then make use of:

function role_weights_get_weight($role_id)
- gets the weight value for a specified role

function role_weights_get_highest($roles)
- takes an array of role_id => role_name and returns the 'highest' role id

Drupal 7.x

Check the README.txt file for some more information.

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