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Role Limits is a small, but useful, module that allows for users with proper permissions to set a limit on the number of users in a given role. Think of this module very much like "Maximum Node Population" in CCK only for users. This could be useful when a site is licensed for use to a third party. It allows the source of the license to set limits on how many users can utilize the site. Currently this interacts with all user operations whether it be an update from the user profile or from the user list.

Installation and Usage

Standard Drupal installation. Navigate to /admin/user/roles/limits in your Drupal installation and set limits for the roles on your site.

For Drupal 7, this is found at /admin/people/permissions/limits as a tab on the permissions and roles screens titled "Role Limits"


This module is developed and maintained by Kenny Silanskas. Special thanks to sethcohn for coming up with the final name of the project and to cpliakas for helping me get acquainted with CVS.

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#D7CX: I pledged that Role Limits would have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 was released.

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