The role_delay module enables the configuration of one or more user roles that all new users are automatically granted after a specified period of time from registration. A role delay of 0 (zero), will automatically assign that role to every user at creation time.

The new home of the previously abandoned Roledelay module.

A common use case for this functionality is to restrict the default "authenticated user" role to a minimal set of permissions and progressively add more permissions via roles granted after longer membership times. For example, authenticated users might only have the ability to view content while another role, granted after a period of 30 days, is given to the ability to post comments and still another role, given after a period of 6 months, is given the ability to post comments without approval.

To enable role delays, navigate to admin/user/roles, and edit the individual roles. There will be a field to add a specified "Delay". All users created after this delay has been configured, will receive the role at the designated time.

Existing scheduled role delays can be managed on the standard core user admin page at admin/user/user.

Note: In order to prevent the role_delay table from unnecessary bloat, scheduled roles are cleared when a user is blocked.

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