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Main rocketship issues UI
This module is used to power issue summary pages (and used by several other initiatives).


  • Yes, it scrapes issue lists and then it scrapes issues too. Yes, issues have since been made available in JSON, but user data is not available in that JSON and the list of issues still has no JSON, so that is not really suitable for the needs of this. Also, it was built way before JSON was introduced.
  • Yes, the scraping is done with preg(). Could be done with xpath/simplexml as well. Might or might not be easier. Would definitely need less entity decoding :)
  • Yes, it could have used Views. If you can reproduce the themed list of 2 pieces of 3 column tables with Views in the way done here, you are welcome.
  • Yes, it could have externalized the CSS from the code, but it is much simpler for development and it was written as a one-off solution. It was put here after much interest from all kinds of people.

Improvements welcome.

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