This module gives you a framework to easily make client side and server side validation in the same time. It increases the validation features of the Drupal Form API (FAPI). If you want to have a powerful tool for creating custom validation logic to any text field, without writing a tons of codes, this module is for you!

There are a few validation modules in Drupal, but this is the only one, which uses full client side validation without sending AJAX requests. This is the main advantage of this module compared to the other validation modules: the responsiveness of your Forms will be better than in AJAX-based implementations.

The other advantage relies on modular extensibility: you can choose the expected modules to enable only the desired rule set. For now the RichForm API contains only Regex-based validation. Our goal is to extend this functionality to other kind of rule administration.

The RichForm API module’s target group are the module developers, not the Drupal end users.

How to use

The module has two actions:

  • Validation. The validation has a client-side and a server-side routine.The first one is linked to the onChange JavaScript event: after the user modifies the selected field, the validation action is triggered. If there is any error, inline feedback is provided. There is another client-side routine, which is triggered after clicking on the submit button. If there is no error, the server-side validation routine is triggered.
  • Correction.

Comparition table

RichForm FAPI Validation Validation API Validations
6.x stable dev stable alpha
7.x stable dev - -
Documentation in progress yes yes yes
Actively maintained yes yes no yes
Server validation yes yes yes yes
Client validation yes, without AJAX no no no
Extensibility yes yes yes ?
API yes, RichForm API yes yes yes
Admin GUI - - yes yes
Feedback Inline, realtime ? ? ?
Auto correction yes no no no


This project is sponsored by Integral Vision Ltd.

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