This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A node can have many revisions. This module lets you tag revisions to keep track of your revision milestones. Tags can be public or not. If there is more than one public tag, a block is available that lets you browse the revisions by tag.

Example usage

This could be used for documentation nodes that have to apply to different versions of a software.


Tagged revisions can be public or not. If they are not public, the tags are only visible to users with the tag revisions permission.

By default, the tags must be unique. You can override this default by setting $conf['revision_tags_unique'] = FALSE; in settings.php.


The revision tags module defines two permissions; tag revisions and view tagged revisions. With the view tagged revisions, a user is able to browse public tagged revisions without the view revisions permission that exists in core. The tag revisions permission only makes sense if the user also has view revisions permission.


The 6.x-1.1 version has views 2 functionality now. The view is default disabled, you have to enable it in /admin/build/views before it is visible. The view is only visible to users with the view tagged revisions permission. Of course you are able to build your own revisiontags view.

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