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This module is currently no longer actively maintained.

Drupal 8 has a responsive_image module built into core that provides this functionality. That module was backported to Drupal 7 as the Picture module.


This module integrates the Responsive Images library created by Filament Group.

The purpose of this library is to load images in different sizes based upon
the resolution of the browser loading the page. This allows for mobile-optimized images.

This module provides a "Responsive Images" image field formatter for which you can select
both a small (mobile-optimized) image style as well as a large (for normal screens) image style.
The image style configuration options are provided by Drupal core.

Alternative modules that you might want to check out:


* This module only works with the cookie-driven branch of the Responsive Images library!
* The script is undergoing some changes on GitHub. I cannot keep up with updating this module to accommodate those, so please for now download this version of the script:
* This technique isn't flawless, so check for issues with browsers, race conditions, etc... to get an idea on the implications.


This module is created for Drupal 7.

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