This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The goal of this module is to integrate with the web API reporting platform to create MS Word compatible reports in Drupal.

What does the Reporting Cloud API do?

Use the Text Control ReportingCloud Web API to merge MS Word compatible templates with JSON data from all clients.

Create customized invoices, contracts and quotes directly using the WYSIWYG online template designer.

Merge your templates with JSON data to create Adobe PDF, MS Word and HTML documents.

This module allows you to sync the templates from the cloud and then populate the merge fields with your own data via simple text boxes, and it integrates with tokens. So it will pass node specific data to the API and return a desired document (PDF, Doc, Docx, TX, RTF, HTML).

The module returns a link on the node's page, such as: Download Receipt. The data from the node is sent to the API and returns the specific document type.

Library Requirement:
composer require textcontrol/txtextcontrol-reportingcloud
Place official php wrapper under libraries/

Project information