Widget for Relation Dummy field.

Adds widget which loads related nodes edit form.

For Drupal 7 and Relation module.

How to use it?

  • Enable module
  • Create new (or use created yet) relation type in Structure - Relations. If you use arity bigger than 2, the widget loads only first node per relation. If you want to use directional relation, setup source same as parent content type (where the widget will be used).
  • Go to Structure - Content types to your parent type's manage fields page and create Relation field with widget Edit form of related content."
  • In widget's settings form set type of relations, content type of related nodes and other settings. Relations of other types and related to content of other types will be ignored.

Stable or dev?

  • 7.x-1.0 can edit only fields on related node, relations are sortable (weight is saved to field od relation), widget is formated to table
  • 7.x-1.x-dev can edit both fields on relation and related node, but for now does not support sorting and whole widget is not formated to visual attractive table (but you can make "fake table" by CSS), requires this patch

If you need this features, consider using Entity reference and Inline Entity Form, they are much better maintained and supported now and in the future (D8).

Project information

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