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Renderable elements - contact form
Renderable elements - node form

Renderable elements enables you to register any forms and manage the display through an UI. It will also make (additional) elements available of existing entities on the manage forms/display screens or you can for example register the contact form and rearrange the fields through Field UI.

Renderable elements is a very experimental module touching the bounderies of form alter, some contrib modules may clash immensively, so use with care.
Be care on special elements when you're choosing to render:
#1889036: Mark/preserve elements may lead error with other modules


Once you've enabled the module, you'll see a 'Manage form display' link on top of any form. Clicking on it will register it which you'll find on the overview at admin/structure/rel.

Look at this screencast to see how this works.


Other modules working with with Renderable elements are:

The module requires Chaos tool suite also known as CTools to handle the export/defaults support.

This module is sponsored by Krimson.

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