Registration role lets an administrator select a role to automatically assign to new users. The selected role will be assigned to new registrants.

Be sure this role does not have any privileges that should not be given out to just anyone who registers. Because we shouldn't give away any real abilities above an authenticated user by default, this module really has only a few known useful applications:

  1. If you want to assign all people who sign up after (or before) a certain time to a role to distinguish them— simply set the roles as appropriate at the appropriate time.
  2. If you have multiple sites with a shared user database table, and you want to assign users a role based on the site at which they register.
  3. If you want people who register themselves to have a distinct role from users invited by an administrator.
  4. If paired with a custom or contrib token system to restrict registration.

Drupal roles exist primarily for access permissions, but modules such as mass contact also use roles to act on a group users.

Originally based on a code snippet by Pauly Jura. (It actually does less than the snippet, but it is a module and has a settings administration page!)

See Auto-assign role module for a more comprehensive take on role assignment, including allowing a user to select their own role.

Registration role is a very lightweight module which does not install any database tables.

Supporting organizations: 
Wrote and contributed the module.
Ported to Drupal 8

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