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Region Manager

Region Manager provides a simple UI to add/remove/configure (and combined with the nodeblock module, add new) blocks on a page. After clicking the link to manage a region, an interface is provided for managing which blocks are visible on the page from which the link was clicked, and also configure the titles for each block right from one interface.

You can specify which regions for each theme can be managed. Additionally, a list of which blocks are available can be configured per theme, per region, per module, or even per block. For example, you can specify that menu module blocks are only available in the header, or that the navigation menu block is not available for any region.

You can also rename the name "Block" (e.g., Widget, Gadget, etc.) which will take effect throughout region_manager's UI.

Recommended additional modules are Nodeblock, and Visibility API, the latter of which controls the visibility of the manage links on a per page/role basis.

This module was sponsored by Sprocket.

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