Administration interface

Update on April 3, 2015: This module has a new maintainer (Ayesh), and now has a stable release after the SA-CONTRIB-2015. Current bugs and other issues will be addressed very soon!

Invitation to collaborate!. During the security review, I noticed that the module needs some major rework, and some features can be optimized for performance. I will work on a 7.x-2.x branch without dropping any functionality, and with a complete upgrade path, for a more leaner code. There are some RTBC patches, but they have not been updated for some time (needs rerolling). You are welcome to add new features, submit patches, and suggest any other changes.
This module allows the site administrator to allow new account registrations only for users who provide a valid registration code.

This module also allows the management of these registration codes, including listing, generating, importing and exporting.

The most common use of this module is medallion based registration - only users who have purchased a membership medallion (e.g. made a physical purchase entitling them) are able to register.

Other uses include promotional codes, and shared private key registration.

This module allows for sub-modules which extend the functionality of the core module, this includes:

  • mailer: allows registration codes to be emailed to lists of email addresses
  • roles: automates role assignment during registration based on code used
  • voucher: allows registration codes to be used as a voucher after registration
  • og: integration with organic groups, for group assignment during the registration process
  • dynamic: allows on-the-fly creation of registration codes that match a validation criteria.
  • ie: provides import and export functionality.

The module uses Views Bulk Operations to effectively manage thousands of codes, and has full support for Rules based on string comparison of the code, or matching any of the terms the code was tagged with.

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