RefTagger is a free web tool from Logos that instantly makes all the Bible references on your site come alive! Bare links turn into hyperlinks to the full text of the passage at, making it easy for your readers to access the text of Scripture with just a click. Even better, RefTagger brings the text right to your readers by generating a tooltip window that pops up instantly when they hover over the reference. You can also have RefTagger add an icon that is hyperlinked to the passage in Libronix.

If you are using the Reftagger module, feel free to drop me a note on this page.

Updated Reftagger

If you update to 7.x-2.0 release, please run Drupal updates, or else it will not work. If you are installing 7.x-2.0 fresh, you can disregard this. Also, this release deprecates block Reftagger Control Panel, so it is no longer available (because the newer Reftagger tool does not support it).

Drupal 8 version

You can use the 8.x-2.x-dev release until a stable Drupal 8 release is available (slated for first week of 2016).

Project information