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Provides an optional page for each references field with a drag 'n drop UI for sorting items via a grid of teaser node displays, or other view mode.

Example uses

  • Image galleries - using a gallery content type with a node reference to an image content type, using this module gives a mechanism to manage the sorting order by seeing the actual images (via an appropriately configured view mode) instead of just seeing a list of node titles.


  • Copy the module to your sites' sites/all/modules/contrib directory.
  • On the site's modules page (admin/modules) enable the module.


On each node reference field's settings page there will be a new setting called "References Manager view mode" which allows the new References Manager page to be enabled. By default the References Manager is not enabled, selecting a view mode will enable the page and assign the specific view mode that is used to display the referenced nodes.


Written by Damien McKenna.

Current development sponsored by Mediacurrent.

Supporting organizations: 
Ongoing development sponsorship.

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