This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Redirect Nodes provides a node content type specifically designed for only using as a menu item.

Why not just use core's menu module?

Cores menu module works well for most use cases, however it does not have many integration with access control modules, which makes restricting access to edit, manage and view menu items. Redirect nodes allow menu items to be added that get managed the same way other site content is, which means that all node access modules can be applied to this module.


Redirect Nodes provides a simple content type that can be used to build menu items, and external page redirects. The content type comes with a destination field. When a standard menu link is added for the node, the displayed menu item is link is updated to the redirect location, and an edit link for that item is added to the menu ui if the user can edit it.

Access to add, edit, and delete redirects works with any node access modules, such as Tac_lite, since they are after all simply nodes.

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