This module creates a downloadable archive of recent files contained in Drupal's files directory.

Recent Files allows developers and site admins that maintain a production site and one or more development sites. This module will generate an archive (tgz and zip) file of files newer than a certain time so that the developer can update the files directory in their local development environment.

There are other methods to help maintain a development environment, but this module serves a unique purpose. The best method, IMO, is to use rsync to keep a dev environment up-to-date with the production environment. However, things like firewalls (iptables, port blockers), inaccessible networks, developers unfamiliar or uncomfortable with rsync, or lack of rsync (*ahem* Windows) all may prevent the use of rsync. This module helps get around those limitations.


I have no plans to maintain the 6.x version beyond critical bug fixes and security issues. For any new features, I will focus solely on 7.x.


Requires either the Pear Archive_Tar library (for .tgz files) or for PHP to be compiled with zip (for .zip files).

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