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Readability button under the node title

Readability is shutting down on September 30th, 2016. Use of this module is not recommended after then.

Adds a Readability "Read Now | Later" button to individual nodes.


  • Enable the button on a per-content type basis. Also a permission to show the button on nodes to certain roles.
  • In the module configuration, temporarily add the verification string (the full <meta /> element provided by the Readability web service) without editing your theme. You can disable this after you've verified your domain.
  • Configure whether to show only on the individual node view or also on lists (such as the blog page or taxonomy views).
  • Optional Print, Email, "Send to Kindle" buttons.
  • Modify the colors of the foreground and background. Optional integration with jQuery Colorpicker, though not required to set color.
  • Change the orientation of the button from horizontal to vertical.
  • If a reader is logged into their Readability reader account, clicking button for the current node's URL gets added to their reading list. If they've contributed to Readability, part of their contribution goes towards the site's publisher.

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