"The cck model for voting with Drupal" (source)

This module provides flexible voting widgets for nodes and comments.

Administrators can add multiple widgets. By default, there are 8 widget types to choose from:

  • Thumbs up
  • Thumbs up / down
  • Number up / down
  • Fivestar
  • Emotion (this makes me mad, angry...)
  • Yes / no
  • Slider
  • Custom

By using "custom" you can customize the rating buttons and Voting API mode. Widget types can be extended by other modules. Other features include:

  • Views integration
  • Nodes get an extra tab with voting results per widget, which shows:
    • Total vote count
    • Average rating
    • Total points (for thumbs up / down)
    • Vote count per button
    • Chart of vote count per button, per day
  • Multiple ratings on the same node (i.e. for "comfort", "location", "services" etc.)
  • Voting can be closed at a configurable period after node creation
  • Start- and enddates can be configured per node, per widget


  • Voting API is used for storage of voting results.
  • Chart is used for displaying the vote results in a chart (optional).
  • Date is required for the Rate Expiration module (optional).

Rate 2

Rate 2 has been developed considerably. This version will be a complete rewrite. Major improvements are:

  • Widgets in fields
  • Can be added to all kind of entities
  • New widget designer to easily create custom widgets

The new module is already functional, but a lot of functionality is still missing. Please check issues tagged with "rate2 sprint" if you want to know more about the progress or want to help.

Further information

For more information, see this screencast

Your feedback is very welcome is the issue queue. You are also welcome to translate this module in your language or rate this module at drupalmodules.com.

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