The quotes module allows users to maintain a list of quotations that they find notable, humorous, famous, infamous, or otherwise worthy of sharing with website visitors. Quotes are stored as nodes, and users with the appropriate permissions can maintain their own list of quotes much like maintaining their own blog. One very interesting use of the Quotes module is to show testimonials about a product or service.

Administrators can define one or more quote blocks to display either the latest quote or a random quote matching certain criteria. The quotes displayed in each block can be filtered by role, user, node, or category.

Support for Views is included.

Migrating from 5.x version

  • The 6.x version is based upon the 5.x-1.2 version, so all changes before that release are incorporated.
  • Due to changes in the core menu system, if you request quotes for a user that does not exist (quotes/99), you will get a "Page Not Found."
  • If you request quotes for a user that has no quotes, you will get a line that says "No quotes found."
  • There is no longer a separate "Import" tab on creating quotes. Instead there is a set of radio buttons if one has permission to import.

Version Status

The 5.x version is no longer supported. Please do not post issues for that release.

The 6.x version is minimally maintained for security issues only.

The 7.x version is a developmental release. Most of the module functionally works, area which are still being worked on include:

  • Taxonomy terms and tags
  • Ability to import quotes
  • Setting the teaser length
  • Complete module conversion to use Drupal 7 API's and data structure

As of today the module still uses some the older data structure of Drupal 6 for certain functions. We are in the process of converting the module to the new fields structure of Drupal 7, however, we still have a ways to go.

If you evaluate this D7 dev release we would appreciate any feedback you have, either positive or negative. Your feedback will help in determining which way development proceeds.

Development version status

The development versions (-dev) are where the newest stuff lives, including any bug fixes and new features. We try to make sure it is tested before we commit anything, but occasionally a bug will get by us. Your help on testing this code is greatly appreciated. The translation templates may not always be up-to-date in the -dev releases (D6 only).

If you have been a long time quotes user or if your use of the quotes "Authors Name" field was for biographical information (or know of anyone who does this) please refer to #1329964: Quotes Author and Bio's.

We recommend after installing or upgrading the "quotes" module you visit the general setting area to verify your preferences.

Project Information