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This is a simple administration toolbar. It allows you to take any menu and assign it to a role. This menu will be displayed at the top of your page as an administration toolbar.

Most of this module is taken from Admin Module version 1.x. It also uses some features from the Toolbar module. Thanks really go out to those people since this just takes what I felt was the best from those two modules.

What are the differences between this module and:

  • Admin Module 1.x
    • Nothing to add into the template.
    • No administration theme is included.
    • You can assign a different menu per role.
  • Toolbar Module
    • Quickbar allows for secondary menus.
    • Quickbar uses drupal's menu system to handle the menu items.

Quickbar 2.x

Version 2 of Quickbar includes two submodules for additional functionality. Everything else at this point between version 1 and version 2 are the same. For the moment at least, bug fixes will still be made to version 1.

Quickbar: Extras
This submodule provides additional functionality to Quickbar. Currently it adds support for positioning menu items on the right side of the toolbar and allows the currently logged in user to be displayed in the toolbar.

Quickbar: Help
This submodule provides the ability to add custom help text to each page that contains a menu item in Quickbar. This functionality might be extended in the future to create a help popup for any page, but currently only provides options for the toolbar's menu items.

Please see Quickbar 7.x-2.x release blockers!

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